Lovely CPH couple

We are liveing in CPH with Stina and Thor. Stina is from Danemark and Thor is from Iceland. Wow, we always wanted to meet smb form Iceland. Now we must go there! :D For sure!

Stina and Thor are great couple! Full of love and good mood. They are very patient, we arrived to their home very late and despite they go on second day to work early they spent with us great evening. I love their sence of humor :) Stina showed us what we must see in CPH and it was very helpful. She is very open person and totaly trustworthy! I hope that in one day we will spend more time on talking! And I hope that then my english will be better ;)

I know that my english is not good, I still don’t remember about grammatic, but each time I can talk about everything in english with my hosts. I know that one day I come back to learn grammatic, but then I forget about it again ;P


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